Teisipäev, 22. veebruar 2022

Mas que solamente ciudad, Barcelona. Arepa paradise


Tuesday morning we woke up to much more enjoyable views. The sun rose and the courtyard was pleasantly colourful. Our neighbour enjoyed his morning coffee on the roof terrace.

Unexpectedly, the day turned busy and there was no time for any gourmet joint. According to the Uber Eats there were arepas being made across the street and I ordered one with chicken and cheese. Fried. And it was the best arepa on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

At five o'clock I put on my running shoes and went for a run. It turned out that Barcelona downtown is not the greatest place to run. Too many street crossings and far too many people out. I did a loop to Ciutadella Park and back.

Pintxos for dinner. It was our favourite snack during the previous trip - we used to sit in front of long counter full of different pintxos and kept choosing and eating. During pandemic they had placed a lot of pintxos behind the glass and you need to be have them handed out to you. Some of them however are still on the counter and you can help yourself. Go figure the logic behind it. Praised restaurant, but rather average pintxos. The chocolate chip cookie for dessert was delicious!

At 8:50pm, on the way back to hotel, we took off running towards the nearest grocery store to get some bread and fresh juice for the morning and I also threw a bottle of gazpacho in the basket.

Esmaspäev, 21. veebruar 2022

Mas que solamente ciudad, Barcelona. My amazing Spanish skills

I clearly could not accept the fact that our trip to Italy was cancelled, went online and bought tickets to Barcelona for a week.

This time we had purchased Ryanair's Priority Boarding so that in addition to a purse we could take a small suitcase with us on board. Along with our paid hand luggage, we got the right to priority board the plane. Turned out, only on paper. Until the gate, the situation was actually promising - two lanes - one for cattle carrying purses and the other one for the priority tourists who had paid the mentioned 20 euros. After the boarding pass check, both queues landed on the same stairs, and when the terminal door was finally opened, the whole crowd began to move towards the plane at once.

The flight was relatively uneventful for a Ryanair flight. Apart from a couple of heavy turbulence, there was nothing really significant. The departure was delayed by around an hour, so instead of half past midnight, we arrived at half past one at night, and moved through the fairly dark and completely empty airport.

They gave us the wrong room at the hotel, but promised to change it the next day. We went to our room and fell asleep.

By noon today, Scott had been dealing with getting the new room, and we moved from our slightly dark street-facing room on the second floor to a much more spacious room on the sunrise side and with court yard views on the seventh floor.

After finishing the working day, we left the hotel and made the first stop at the nearest tapas bar on the street corner and ate the first tapas. Since I have some difficulties using the English names of Spanish foods, I placed our order in Spanish and apparently impressed the waitress with my "authentic pronunciation".

We also walked to our churro joint because they had just advertised
churro dogs a week ago. However, it turned out that the mentioned dogs are a delicacy only served on weekend nights. But gosh, their churro filled with dulce de leche is just out of this world. Quick stop in Starbucks and two mugs and one coffee drink later we got back to the hotel.

Esmaspäev, 24. jaanuar 2022

Anniversary menu


For our first wedding anniversary we went to Vegas. For the second one to Laulasmaa SPA. Third one we spent in Hedon SPA in Pärnu. For the forth one, we got the tickets to Italy. However Ryanair changed flight times so that it didn't really work for us anymore, and at the last minute we decided to stay home. 

We booked Päris Restaurant for dinner. And had absolutely delicious salmon tartar (my appetizer) and entrecote (Scott's main course).

Pühapäev, 2. jaanuar 2022

New Year's Eve menu



What we ate in the NYE:

1. Beef tenderloin with hash browns

2. Salad wreaths (with quail eggs for one of us and salami for the other)

3. Caprese cane

4. Shrimp tempura and crispy pork belly

5. Macaroons and sparkling wine

6. Spring rolls and fried zucchini

7. Brownie with whipped cream

8. Chicken satay

9. Arepas with chicken and avocado

Pühapäev, 26. detsember 2021

Christmas Cookies: Selection


Thumbprint cookies with nuts: 27 pc

Granny Boyd's cacao cookies: 39 pc

Hazelnut cookies: 41 pc

The selection :)

Peppermint Brownie cookies: 39 pc

Vegan Butterfinger: 22 pc

Orange-cardamom cookies: 31 pc

Cocadas - coconut and dulce de leche cookies: 32 pc

Kolachi - Polish cream cheese and marmelade cookies: 25 pc

Christmas Mood at home