neljapäev, 31. detsember 2020




In January we spent our anniversary in Laulasmaa and in February made a roadtrip to Riga. In March I managed to squeeze in a quick sunbathing trip to Sharm-El-Sheik and after that our trips to Georgia, Poland and Switzerland were cancelled. Instead we had long walks in old town and watched, how the nature is blooming again. We followed the cherry and all other blossoms. In May we had the first post-corona trip and mid of May went to Tartu and Pühajärve. We spent my birthday in Pärnu and midsummer in Haapsalu. We ate a lot of local strawberries. And picked some too.

In July we flew to US and said farewell to our beautiful home in Ann Arbor. And to all squirrels. In August we had a road trip to Latvia and Lithuania and bought us a new home in Kassisaba. We spent September on our new huge terrace and in October went to Laulasmaa for Scott's birthday. In November I changed jobs and for Christmas we brought a Canadian spruce on our terrace.

Book Year 2020

2020 I read and listened to 60 books in total: the least in August (only one) and the most in November and December (each 10). Altogether I read 44 and listened to 16 books.

esmaspäev, 28. detsember 2020

About flights and no-flights

2018 I had 35 flights, 2019 I flew 43 times and 2020 ... drumroll ... six times! Booked trips to Kutaisi, Krakow and Zurich were all cancelled.

Outside of Estonia our travels took us to Latvia, Egypt, United States, Latvia again and Lithuania.

reede, 25. detsember 2020

Christmas Cookies



And here is the final choice:

  • Peppermint Bark - 450gr
  • Peanut butter truffles - 40 pc
  • Michigan cherry and oat cookies - 48 pc
  • Peppernuts - 174 pc
  • Cookies with jam filling - 22 pc
  • Russian Tea Cakes - 45 pc
  • Granny Boyd's cocoa cookies - 48 pc
  • Chocoholic's Dream - 19 pc

neljapäev, 10. detsember 2020

The Bog Cookie Test



In November we started the big cookie test to find the best ones that we can hand out as Christmas presents.